We’ve been renting a beach house for 5 weeks now, and there hasn’t been shit for waves. The whole reason we get it in September is because there’s supposed to be waves. After weeks of waiting, I just got out of the water from the best day I’ve had in years. No one in the water or on the beach, chest high, and perfectly clean. I surfed until it was pretty much dark and I couldn’t paddle anymore…



The innerweb has been doing its job this week, keeping me in touch with lots of people from the past. I’ve had about 6 people in the last week that I haven’t talked to in years randomly contact me either through email or LinkedIn. One of those people was Joe Perg, who sent me this link to an upcoming movie about Craig Kelly. I’m surprised something wasn’t made sooner, I’m definitely ready for it. This turn from the trailer is one of the things I mentioned for the Blower book that summed up snowboarding for me:



Somehow in the last post, I forgot to mention Faz’s new name – Lightning. This naturally came out and was assigned after we realized we’re always waiting for him.

Anyway, after binging on Sushi, we took Faz to a new 9/11 memorial in Bucks County and then into NYC for some shopping. It turned into an all day event. The memorial is on a pretty amazing piece of land with all of the names listed, calling out people from PA. There are twin fountains in the center, and the landscaping was shaped like ripples coming out from it.

We learned about Faz’s massive tongue, something we didn’t know existed.

After the last trip, Faz is now hooked on the Niagra, the best bar in NYC. We put back some large doubles before heading up to Rain for dinner.

From NYC we went back to the beach and up to Atlantic City for dinner. The Continental built out an amazing space, both inside and out.



Faz landed back in town last night for his second dose of the East Coast. It was also our 4th anniversary for Tara and I, and we all went out and binged on sushi. Today we’re off to NYC and then straight to the beach.

By the way, Holden launched their new site and it’s looking really good. Awesome use of video for a product site.



Speaking of BMX… I usually don’t get into watching X Games, but there was some next level shit in lots of the events this year. I forgot that I had bookmarked some of these clips and just found them. Morgan Wade was doing transfers in the park that looked straight out of a video game.

Check out the line at 2:22 (or 3:47 if it’s counting backwards)

The check out the first hit in this one:



Tara just got me Joe Kid on a Stingray. It’s a pretty good flick, feels a lot like American Hardcore, but for BMX.



Faz flew in on Thursday on his way to Paris for a tradeshow, so we picked him up and took him right into Philly for a quick round of shopping. First on the list was to get him a real cheesesteak, something not possible outside of southeastern PA / nearby NJ.


While we were out shopping, Tara got me a pair of the kickass new Gonzales shoes for our upcoming anniversary.


Then we headed out to the beach to get Faz a weekend of relaxation, cocktails, and MySpace updates. Bird met us down there the next morning. By noon we found ourselves at the liquor store across the street, and the other 3 idiots (Tara, Faz, and Bird) agreed to a contest of drinking six packs. They were already getting loud before the first drink, so I stepped aside. Tara, feeling cunning, bought a miniature 6 pack of 8oz Budweisers which she could barely finish. I kept them company with a bottle of whiskey, and by 1:00 everyone was hammered and Faz had already thrown up. This is him, wasted. I can never get enough of listening to Faz, but after a few drinks it’s even better.

We surfed some small waves which turned out to be fun. Today there was a huge pod of dolphins swimming around in circles, and when you first catch this glimpse out of the corner of your eye, it’s never relaxing if you’re in the water:

We also saw bunches of creepy birds swarming houses…



I saw this at work the other day and I wanted to leave right then to go buy a monkey, and then a dog.

The Taco John’s commercial…



The Dee Snider look-alike in the video below is supposedly Norweigan, as is this guy. Apparently those Norweigans are a little crazy.



This is a cool site for re-purposing the Ikea stuff that you inevitably have and are no longer interested in.