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I’ve been a little tied up over the last few months, which has meant no updates here. Elly’s the main reason, and she just turned 12 weeks old today.



The Farm

The office, where the magic happens.





Labor Day :: Part 2

Labor Day weekend, days 2-3 at the Farm. This is just a handful of the images, check them all on Flickr.





Labor Day 2009 :: Part 1

Kickass Labor Day weekend. Day 1 at Del’s. Check all the images on Flickr.





Molly’s Paddle Out

Amazing turnout for Molly’s event. See the whole write-up here, or check out all the images on Flickr.





Dirty Jersey

There’s never a shortage of things to take pictures of.





Hampton Day 3

Up to York Beach for the day with Nick and Molly, Mikey, and Randy Gaetano. Perfect day.





Hampton Day 2

We headed to CHB to see Molly and hang out with Buck and Meighan, and then made our way to stay with Karent and Brent in Hampton. No photos from day 1, so it all starts here.





Father’s Day

We went to the horse track for Father’s Day with my dad as usual. While I’m not officially in that club yet, Tara gave me the best gift right here:





Orlando 2009 :: Day 4