We took another quick trip out to Oregon to ride a little and catch up with everyone. Things were the same as always, including the fact that it doesn’t rain anymore in Oregon now that I no longer live there. This also means no snow on the mountain… It was a whirlwind trip that included the mandatory trip to the Alibi, adidas shoe shopping, and about 12 other usual stops.
More photos here.



There’s been 6 months of serious lagging on this site. Recognizing this back around New Year’s, I had the intent of doing a “You Are Next Year in Review” to catch up. Obviously that never happened, so here’s a quick summary of what’s been going on and I’ll be back on track:

  • No more van, and there’s a new car that eBay paid for. Take a moment of silence for the van, life will never be the same…
  • New house,
    just outside the utopia of Philadelphia.
  • A few trips here and there. Lots of time at the beach.
  • Lots of good shows in Philly.
  • Lance and Vanessa’s wedding in
  • Rail jam in Atlantic City. The Donald puts on a snowboard event on the boardwalk.

Consider this site back on track…