We took my uncle to the Bates Motel tonight. I had no idea we had such an amazing place 2 miles from our house, though it explains the massive traffic this place generates around Halloween. Easily the best Halloween place around to visit.



The last warm morning at home a few days ago.



Watch it until the end…

These are lacking the production quality of the old ones, but still worthwhile.



I finally set some time aside and overhauled this ghetto site. It’s not completely done, but good enough to be live. I’ve re-loading all my photos, which is turning out to be a pretty huge effort. Right now I pretty much have the last two years in, and I’ll be working back to probably ’97 or so. I decided to start using iPhoto to organize them, and it’s telling me I’ve got 43,000 images in there and I haven’t even gotten them all in.



Design for Obama.