Day 3 left us with total bluebird conditions at Keystone, making for an awesome last day of riding. We went back to Fiesta Jalisco for more carne asado, eating quantities that impressed even myself.





Day 2 was at Keystone, which is one of my favorite resorts. It was still dumping and we found some stashes in the trees. They have $5 cat rides, but with 50mph winds above the tree line, we didn’t bother. The Malolo is the greatest board ever when there’s soft snow.

I was screwing around filming Tara in this video, and then a tree reached out a grabbed me…





Flawless start to the trip: Some serious precision packing and weighing got all of our stuff on the plane with only having to pay $15 for one bag. Then, we had booked a full-size rental car because everything was sold out, and a last minute call to my work travel agent got us an SUV so everything would fit easily. No problems with the flight, and Tara hooked up an awesome condo right at the mountain for cheap. And, the day we left Keystone got 10".

I’ve been wanting to check out Breckenridge since high school and somehow have never ridden there so we decided to spend day 1 there. It was dumping when we got there but the mountain kinda sucks because it’s really flat.





This brilliant badge was on a Toyota in my parking garage, attached to a fake convertible cloth roof. Amazing in so many ways, I need to get some of these for my car, now.




This is a cracker/cookie for kids that came packed with some cream to dip it in. Each one had a message, this one was the best.




Ridiculously awesome shot of Kerry King’s hand from this guy on Flickr.






Day 3: Not so epic snow, burning up the last of the Williams Sonoma / Pottery Barn employee discount from Chris, and the long drive home.