We did our annual shop-in-NYC-for-Tara’s-birthday yesterday.




Really well done post about the UAW by Dan Mac.







The other night Tara and I volunteered to help feed several thousand Philly homeless people. What a great time – meeting some of the friendliest, most appreciative people. Hopefully it becomes an annual thing.







My uncle passed away 5 years ago, and last night I went to my aunt’s house to pick up some old films she said she had. I’m going to get them converted to digital, and along with them came a few projectors, a ton of slides, some editing equipment that I have no idea how to use, and some great manuals. Everything is immaculate and in mint condition like it just came from the store. It’s amazing how I can easily use a 30 year old projector with no trouble, but not a chance of using a digital camera from 5 years ago.

I still have a ton of slides to go through, I only made it through some images from Hawaii and Bermuda in 1983.