I’ve been making the rounds lately. Out to Denver. Back to Schematic in LA, then San Francisco, then back to LA.



Best show on TV right now.



We went over to Carter’s house on Thanksgiving night, and were greeted with this. Thanksgiving costumes is an all-time tradition.



I’ve been hooked on Viceland’s Do’s and Don’ts lately. As if the pictures alone aren’t good enough, the writing is phenomenal. Here’s a great example that reminded me of Faz.

This one’s not bad either…



I just completely destroyed my theory that sushi in land-locked Denver wouldn’t be very good.



As uncaring as I am at this point, and as inevitable as this is, there’s still something disturbing about this view of the Sports Authority. If you’re going to ski, get yourself some of this…



I saw this awesomeness on Dan MacNamara’s blog about some guy that hung these posters in Baltimore…



I just remembered I had these excellent videos from Whorlando. Each person I was traveling with was incredibly easy to coax into consuming things they didn’t really want to consume. First up was Tara and Ramon, racing to the bottom of a glass of sangria (pretty much chugging red wine.)

Then came Adam, seeing how fast he could swallow his flan for dessert. In his 12.9 seconds of eating, he never tasted it.