Michael Jager just got a 6-page article in the April issue of Fast Company. It’s great to see someone get the recognition they deserve. His armband still hangs at my desk (next to the Vin Beaver), and is as relevant to my job now as it was back then.

Check the article here.

Michael Jager



We hooked up with Carter and his girl for dinner last night at The Continental in Philly. It’s been way too long, it was good catching up.

Speaking of Carter, I found this photo not too long ago of him riding in front of the firm. The expression on his face shows how relaxed he can be at incredible speeds.



After a shitty ice storm on Friday night, we got up late and headed out to play paintball at a new indoor field in NJ. It couldn’t have been better – a brand new field, nobody showed up because of the weather so we head the place to ourselves, and we were pretty much the first people to play there so we didn’t leave soaked in paint from the astro turf. After hours of back to back games, I felt like I got hit by a truck when I got up this morning, actually I felt that way before I even went to bed.

After playing we headed out to the beach for the night and Denny cooked up some St. Patrick’s day corned beef. The waves were looking good, it’s always great being at the beach in the off-season when nobody is there.



I did a quick trip to NYC today for a meeting with Frog. Perfect day – warm weather, express train in, lunch at Nobu, and a little time left over for shoe shopping.

Somehow Supreme got Mike Tyson in one of their shirts

I am so ready for Blades of Glory



I just checked this out on John Winsor’s blog, pretty interesting:



We just got back from another whirlwind trip to VT, leaving Sunday morning and back by Tuesday night. We didn’t get to catch up with everyone we wanted, but we managed to make the rounds. We stayed with Anna and Chris and the chaos of two kids and a mentally challenged 100lb dog. The highlight of this visit was Chris shattering his bedroom window by throwing a shoe through it in a drunken state, and then arguing with Anna about it and neither one remembered it the next morning. This was after a nightmare second day of trying to change a flat spare tire after it came off the rim after changing the first flat.

Monday we hit Stowe for our first day on snow this year, my latest start ever especially since this winter had been so crappy. They were reporting 20" of new snow, it was empty, and the woods were barely tracked and thigh deep. Nothing like riding a Fish on your first day of the season… There was a ton of snow everywhere up there, and some depressing construction that will definitely change the feel of Stowe. We actualy rode until 3:30 which seemed really foreign afer a few years of season passes and living nearby. We rode with O.G. Burton bag guy Jim Sadler which was a good time, and then got to meet his lady friend at Red Square that night:

This is my car at the end of Lance’s driveway:

The huge new lodge coming to Spruce:

We had a good lunch with DaBica, one of the things we miss most about VT and swung by Fuse to say hi. We also stopped by to see our friend Matt Taylor. If you ever need a jeweler, he’s the man to go to. He made both Tara’s and my wedding rings, and I also had him make some earings for her. Everything comes out exactly as you describe it to him, and is flawless. Like finding a mechanic you actually trust and always go to, he’s the only jeweler I’d buy anything from at this point. He’s in Shelburne, so go there.



Today was the last day for one of the people on my team at work, so I made and printed up this sign that said "In Memory of…" to mess with him.

We mounted it onto a cardboard box, put it on an easel like a funeral in the lobby our building. We then put the only flower we could find, a pack of candy cigarettes, and a plastic DVD lid filled with coins as if he died. Not only did some people in our company really think he died, apparently people in the company across the hall had a meeting to take up a collection to add to the pathetic pile of coins on the floor.

I had some flashbacks of emailing 40,000 addresses Vin’s email address when he quit at Burton, asking them to let him know how they felt about him leaving. A few minutes later I hear Vin cursing across the room as his inbox ultimately ended up with 4000 new emails. Guys offering him a couch to sleep on and the beer in their fridge, girls offering him a bed to sleep in.



As of yesterday (or the day before depending on how you look at it since it’s not Leap Year) I am no longer in the 18 – 34 demographic. I’ve still only had 8 real birthdays though…