Nothing like getting this message when you are tracking a package you’ve been waiting for:




If anyone I know is left in VT, we’re coming up to go riding and do VT kinda stuff from the 4th to the 7th of March and we want to see you. Hopefully it will keep snowing.



I used to set a limit on the inbox for my email at 3000. At that point, I would make myself clean it out, get it down under a hundred, and start over. Here is what I have as of right now:

I’m at a point where I will probably never answer about 15% of the emails I get a day, because there’s no time and I’m getting way too many. The upside though, is that our work changes so much every day that anything more than two months old can pretty safely be deleted and I think that’s where I might go with this round of cleanout. Speaking of email, I got another new Blackberry today, my third to have in the last few months. I used to think it was the greatest electronic device because I would drop mine on pavement 2 or 3 times a day and go unscathed. There’s nothing lamer than wearing a pda on your belt, but it’s pretty much necessary carrying one of these and it’s inevitable it’s going to launch out of the clip, all the time. Instead of showing signs that they’re getting beaten down, they just decide to stop working one day, which is what all my other ones did. I got my new one at noon, and when I got home from work it took its first fall on my garage floor…



I just happened to find this video as we’re expecting a storm today. It’s always amazing to see people’s complete inability to drive in shitty weather. This video is from Portland, where it rained for 8 months straight when I lived there and even in that 8th month people still hadn’t figured out how it to drive in it. Add a 1/4″ of snow to the mix, and the city would shut down and all the news vans would swarm to film the spot of ground where there wasn’t grass poking out of the snow. Add some ice to the mix, and this is what you get:



Whether or not this is real, this is nuts.



I just got back from another trip to Mill Valley. I managed to get a little extra in this time around with a dinner trip to the beach that I didn’t know was there. It’s not bad having a surf spot right on the edge of the city. We also hit a dirty Polynesian bar, did some laps up some ridiculously steep hills, ate some In-N-Out Burger, and back on the plane for the long ride home.

Check the motel sign shaped like a coffin:

The iPod video is the best for taking on the plane. No hassle and the battery lasts forever. Alex gave me this great case that stands it upright on the tray table, which is perfect.

He also got me hooked on Metalocalypse.