It’s been a while since I’ve checked out the stats for my site. Generally there’s some obvious numbers and things that make sense, some that are just interesting (like what countries some people are looking from), and things I never get around to figuring out. One of those is the Top Search Strings that somehow have something to do with my site, like:

Somebody high-five me for three consecutive days of updates, which I believe is a record for this site.



In tribute to DaBica’s upcoming wedding, I dug into the archives for some Beaver Island photos. Pre-digital cameras, I used to take a lot of photos even on film. Here’s a mishmash of shots from that trip:

The most memorable part of that trip for just about anybody was getting chased (and an unlucky few, tackled) by a naked guy with a BB gun and a super soaker:



Every year at the end of summer I start kicking myself for pissing away my summer by getting caught up at work and not doing enough summery stuff. This year was on track for ing the same as usual, but that’s turned around now and the next month and a half are looking real good. We kicked it off this weekend by having Bird come over with a bag of 40 crabs that we ate until we couldn’t eat any more. From there we headed down to Delaware to hit the go-kart track where I’m starting to feel like a regular. Three races there, and every muscle in your body is hurting for days.

This was all good, but what’s getting our summer in gear is that we started house-sitting our home away from home. Nothing like coming home from work to a pool and a hot tub in the woods. We’re there for two weeks, and then the next day move on to watching another house, which also has a pool. We leave from there to spend 10 days on the beach in Florida, and come back for few more days of pool sitting.

Then, we head up to Hampton, NH, surf a quickie and head straight to Beaver Island to see DaBica get married. This will probably be only a slightly mellower version of the chaos that was our marketing retreat with JDK which was already a scary six years ago. From there we head straight to a four-bedroom beach house we’ve rented in Jersey for two weeks because it was such a steal. I’m going to commute to work from there for a week, and then blow off a week of work. There’s penty of room, so get down here. Things are looking really good right now, all we need is a few small storms.