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In and out trip to VT for Jim Sadler’s birthday and Tara’s college reunion. Lots of photos from this trip are MIA and I’m not sure why…





VT Day 3

Day 3: Not so epic snow, burning up the last of the Williams Sonoma / Pottery Barn employee discount from Chris, and the long drive home.



VT Day 2

Day 2: More good snow and trees, Fresh Market, Anise & Meg’s, Godzirras and spicy scallop rolls at Sakura, Wii snowboarding.



VT Day 1

Day 1: Epic snow, JDK, sledding stop to see DaBica, Franny, and Michael, cocktails with Tessa & Leslie with a surprise visit from Angela, Anise’s Peace & Justice Party.



VT / New Years

New Years in VT is getting to be a habit. Crappy riding made it that much better hanging out with everyone… This trip was centered around cold, wind, fire, ice, and doing donuts in the FJ.



From the archive

I’ve been cleaning out my basement, finding lots of good stuff like this love note from Vin. Back from when everything came with a finger.