With Vin and the future Meghan Lavecchia moving to Portland, that city has tipped to be the offical replacement for Burlington, just a little bigger and wetter.
With people like the Birches, the Reeds, the Coulter and Gubkins, Kegler, and Schriber all ending up there, it must be a pit-stop until people realize it’s time to move to Philly. We’ll be here waiting.



It’s been a few years since we got married, but I never really got around to showing many people that weren’t there anything much from it. Since I have other people’s weddings on here, I figured I better do at least something for mine. Tara and I decided that we wanted a small wedding somewhere cool where we could surf a lot, so we decided to head to Maui. We decided to bring along 18 or so friends and family and make it a week-long event. Since we were asking a lot for people to come all the way to Hawaii, we decided we better make it fun. After sending our invites in boxes full of supplies for a trip like this, we followed them up with postcards every few days up until the wedding to keep people pumped up for the trip. It ended up being a week long party with everything from surfing to luaus. We rented a few huge condos with lots of food and booze so we had everything we needed.

Nick LaVecchia was the obvious choice for a photographer since we wanted friends to surf with. He took a pile of amazing photos throughout the entire trip to add to the 1500 or so that I took myself. Anyway, it turned out to be one of the best trips ever, with pretty much everyone asking when the reunion would be before we even left. I’ve got way too many pictures to put up to do the trip justice, so instead I will include the trailer for
our 3 hour wedding video. It makes sense that if your wedding kicks ass, your video is worthy of a trailer. If you hear sound but don’t see any video, you’ll need to update your Flash player.



A few weeks ago we had our first real party for UFC 57 to watch Chuck Liddell KO Randy Couture. Our house went relatively unscathed except for the walls of one of our bathrooms covered with puke drips which I then painted over with the wrong color white, which is another story… People were either really drunk or really sober and not much in between, but they managed
to contain all the spills in the kitchen.

Here’s the best of, give it a minute to load.