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The Farm

The office, where the magic happens.





Labor Day :: Part 2

Labor Day weekend, days 2-3 at the Farm. This is just a handful of the images, check them all on Flickr.





Labor Day 2009 :: Part 1

Kickass Labor Day weekend. Day 1 at Del’s. Check all the images on Flickr.





Molly’s Paddle Out

Amazing turnout for Molly’s event. See the whole write-up here, or check out all the images on Flickr.





UFC 101

Tara and I were dead asleep at 5:00pm, at her mom’s house an hour away, and got a call from Bryan Johnston in his new role as UFC’s CMO to see if we wanted to go see the fights in Philly. All we needed to do was get there by 7:15. We were out the door in 5 minutes, got home fast while looking at miles of backed up traffic for our ride back, changed, got sneaky and dodged all the traffic back in and arrived at the arena by 7:16.

We walked right in with Bryan to some great seats and an awesome event. They’re put on incredibly well, and what ended up with us being there almost 6 hours went really fast with back to back fights. I never realized Bruce Buffer’s fancy-schmancy moves so I had to film them during BJ Penn’s fight. Not quite as good as some of the others, but you see what gets missed when you only hear his voice on TV. All I could keep picturing was him practicing this in his bedroom… Click the video to get it rolling.






Molly ended her fight against cancer today. Really, really sad.





Hampton Day 3

Up to York Beach for the day with Nick and Molly, Mikey, and Randy Gaetano. Perfect day.





Hampton Day 2

We headed to CHB to see Molly and hang out with Buck and Meighan, and then made our way to stay with Karent and Brent in Hampton. No photos from day 1, so it all starts here.





Orlando 2009 :: Day 1

4 days in ridiculously hot Orlando for Tara’s nursing conference, with a side of Disney.






In and out trip to VT for Jim Sadler’s birthday and Tara’s college reunion. Lots of photos from this trip are MIA and I’m not sure why…