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The Farm

The office, where the magic happens.





Labor Day :: Part 2

Labor Day weekend, days 2-3 at the Farm. This is just a handful of the images, check them all on Flickr.





Dirty Jersey

There’s never a shortage of things to take pictures of.






This shot doesn’t do it justice, but the AC cop Chargers get the medal for most intimidating.





The Beach

We spent the weekend at Denny & Kim’s awesome new house at the beach and hung out with the kids. Good times.





Beach weekend

This weekend was like July without the crowds. 90° and sunny.

Give up your search for egg sandwiches, the best ones anywhere in the entire world are at Ebby’s in Seaside Park.

Denny’s neighbors’ favorite cars are apparently ice cream trucks.





Sea Isle







This is what 2nd Street in Strathmere looks like when there’s waves, cars as far as you can see. This was from Hanna, hopefully Ike will treat us even better…



Red Bull surf contest

We shot down to Atlantic City after work last night because Nick was going to be shooting a Red Bull tow-in surf contest at Caesar’s pier. We had an extra surprise when we found Steve from Pioneers there and in the contest along with a batch of east coast pros. It was cool to watch, and a good solution to unreliable waves. Nick was working hard and we got to catch up a little, and then went to Continental to get some dinner with Steve, who was so exhausted he looked like he had been plowed over by a bus.