I had two kickass trips this month to where anything goes (Vegas), once for CES and the other for SIA. After two years away from the show, it seems to have gotten a little bit of life pumped back into it. We caught up with lots of people (1, 2, 3) we hadn’t seen in a while. Some people were up big, like Aaron Draplin who had to wrap his chips in hundreds, which is a problem I didn’t have this month. Other people get sucked into the smutty side, but there’s no better place to be sucking down beers than the Double Down, half the reason to go to Vegas in the first place.



Holy shit… Best wedding in a long time, besides mine of course. More lobster, king crab legs, man nipples, and chocolate covered bacon than I’ve ever seen. Here’s the best of, the rest will be put somewhere more dignified.