Day 2: More good snow and trees, Fresh Market, Anise & Meg’s, Godzirras and spicy scallop rolls at Sakura, Wii snowboarding.



Day 1: Epic snow, JDK, sledding stop to see DaBica, Franny, and Michael, cocktails with Tessa & Leslie with a surprise visit from Angela, Anise’s Peace & Justice Party.



This thing grew up the side of the building and then reached out and grabbed the tree on the sidewalk. 11th & University, NYC.




Somehow we swung two shows in a row with floor tickets, and definitely worth it. Metallica is still going strong…



We went to Del & Edith’s post-holiday party, seeing some of the expected people as well as some unexpected PA snowboarding friends. April’s dog is into three-ways, but only with Carter…

What is the point of a beer this size?









I don’t remember where I found this photo, but it’s not mine.



I may be the only Apple user that isn’t in love with Apple, which makes this video even better.