It’s the shared birthday of two giants today. We celebrated last night with a hibachi dinner where it was rookie night for the cooking performance, but the food was good. It started with the standard onion volcano. Rather than erupting up the center, the whole thing burst into flames:

Then came the egg not quite landing in his hat:

I stepped up my game this year with the gift packaging:

We jumped in the car this morning and celebrated by driving to VT, swinging by the DaBica’s to hand out some birthday wishes and catch up with people we don’t get to see enough of. We tried to leave with a new dog, but it didn’t happen.



Right after getting her two awards, the Tyra Banks show asked Penn to select 4 nurses for their women in uniform show which was also the holiday show. She went on hoping to get a gift or two and was bombarded with a pile of them throughout the episode that came out to about a mountain of stuff. Everything from diamond earrings to a video cell phone with a year of service and a pile of clothes. She showed up a few times on the show in the audience, sitting behind the woman whose biggest fear in life is dolphins



Tara finished off the year winning two separate awards that she was nominated for. The first one was for Heroes in Philadelphia, for helping the homeless in Philly by pushing for, and getting, a huge grant from the city to help them. There’s a lot of homeless people in Philly that she’s been exposed to and she often goes out on rides to get them into shelters when it’s cold out or to distribute clothing to them. With the award she was also given an hour massage which is pretty cool.

The second one she won was Champions for Recovery. She was one of 15 winners out of thousands that were nominated. People were nominated for providing outstanding healthcare and going above and beyond to help people with addictions. She was nominated by one of her co-workers for that one. She pretty much got both awards back to back which is pretty amazing, especially with the number of people in the running…



Scotch, Sangria, and a lot of food. Top notch effort.






Great set of Philly bike photos.