I finally saw Planet Terror today. Outstanding, 10 thumbs up.

Check the trailer that runs at the beginning, outstanding as well.



Great sticker placement inside a Jersey trash can. This was my view sitting in my car while I got gas.



Photoshop Disasters is a great site about a topic that always fascinates me – how little attention to detail people put into faking their images / communication with Photoshop. Check out the site, some of these projects are pretty high profile.

I’ve been sitting on this image below for a while and was going to post it and didn’t – because it’s so dumb. Some design firm got paid a bunch of money to show the following aspirational image:

  • Three idiots jumping off a boat about 8′ up into knee-deep water, where it looks like they got a running start and ran through the rail on the boat.
  • The chick posing with her surfboard, ready to go paddle around a completely flat ocean where anything but surfing will be involved.
  • Giving up part way through creating the surf chick’s reflection even though it was added to the other women.
  • The fact that after putting together this whole image, nothing about this scene is compelling except to say if you chew Skoal you must be an asshole.



My mom works in a home for mentally and physically handicapped people, most living in wheelchairs. Every Easter and Thanksgiving, we bring 4 or 5 of them home and it’s always so much fun. Bringing them home on the bus always kick starts the adventure…



The BYOB part of dinner didn’t leave much room on the table for sushi last night.



When I was out in San Francisco, I met with Plaxo. In a total coincidence, I had just started using Plaxo Pulse a few weeks before and was realizing how useful it is. It bascially takes your whole life and syncs it in one spot. All of your contacts who use Plaxo are automatically updated by them, and it all syncs with Outlook, Entourage and everything else. You can share calendars and all different levels of information however you want to. I’m not really into joining more services like this, but it’s solved a lot of headaches between synching home / work contacts and calendars as well as working on both PC’s and Mac’s. It’ll even pull in your Flickr, YouTube, or any other accounts. Join it and send me a connection request, assuming if you’re even reading this you know me.



Nothing like taking a red-eye back from San Francisco for an 8am meeting. The only thing worse is getting on that plane with 76 eighth-graders. Good thing for headphones, apparently I missed out on what was even more of a nightmare flight for others…



Nick LaVecchia is more man than I will ever be when it comes to cold water, and killing it with his photos. Check his new winter gallery on Surfline, and also in an article with him in the current issue of ESM.

Nick LaVecchia



We had a quick weekend down at the beach in a borrowed house for Tara’s grandmother’s 85th. After hitting Atlantic City, we came home with a lot less money than we left with, so we stuck around Sea Isle for the rest of the time…



We flew into Seattle where Faz and Jenna came to pick us up on the way to Whistler. Instead of getting burned in rush hour traffic we decided to hang out in the city and kill some time to kick off the trip. Seattle’s got some kickass shopping like Paperhaus, one of my favorite stores. After some roaming we went to Smith for some cocktails and waited for Evert to show up, and then we endured the marathon single lane construction-laden drive to Whistler.

It was a great week with plenty of smack talking, fun spring snow, and lots of après beers and vodka in blueberry juice. We missed the last day because of some shitty rain, so we shot down to Vancouver for some more shopping. It wouldn’t have been a trip to the Northwest without some rain.