Photoshop Disasters is a great site about a topic that always fascinates me – how little attention to detail people put into faking their images / communication with Photoshop. Check out the site, some of these projects are pretty high profile.

I’ve been sitting on this image below for a while and was going to post it and didn’t – because it’s so dumb. Some design firm got paid a bunch of money to show the following aspirational image:

  • Three idiots jumping off a boat about 8′ up into knee-deep water, where it looks like they got a running start and ran through the rail on the boat.
  • The chick posing with her surfboard, ready to go paddle around a completely flat ocean where anything but surfing will be involved.
  • Giving up part way through creating the surf chick’s reflection even though it was added to the other women.
  • The fact that after putting together this whole image, nothing about this scene is compelling except to say if you chew Skoal you must be an asshole.



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