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There’s a small window of time in the life of a pair of Old Skools where they’re perfectly broken in. That point between new looking and still a little stiff, and where they start cracking in the heel and breaking down. It takes a few months to get here, but today at 4:35 was that perfect time.





Memorial Day

Take minute to remember why you have off today for a cookout. Or, check out some stories about people who have died in service:

Or better yet, donate some money to Homes for Our Troops, to help soldiers who weren’t killed.




Tara’s Birthday

We did our annual shop-in-NYC-for-Tara’s-birthday yesterday.




Feeding the homeless

The other night Tara and I volunteered to help feed several thousand Philly homeless people. What a great time – meeting some of the friendliest, most appreciative people. Hopefully it becomes an annual thing.




Game on





I’m so ready for tomorrow to go by, to stop hearing about the election, and start getting things back on track.



Just for Jennifer




I finally set some time aside and overhauled this ghetto site. It’s not completely done, but good enough to be live. I’ve re-loading all my photos, which is turning out to be a pretty huge effort. Right now I pretty much have the last two years in, and I’ll be working back to probably ’97 or so. I decided to start using iPhoto to organize them, and it’s telling me I’ve got 43,000 images in there and I haven’t even gotten them all in.




Some amazing pictures from Ike here.



Philly Triple Crown

Since we came back to instant summer, we decided to go to the Philly Triple Crown bike race. 110° on the pavement for 6 hours wouldn’t make for a fun day on a bike.