Last weekend was a great weekend. Despite having to do some work over the holiday, we made the most of the three days. In that time we picked up Tara’s new car, got some wetsuits we had ordered so long ago I don’t remember, went to three lacrosse games, and spent a day in dirty Jersey surfing. Tara’s Mazda Tribute is the worst car either of us have ever had, and at 70,000 miles was moments away from becoming a total money pit. In the last 2 years it’s probably been towed 4 times from breakdowns, got a new transmission at 60,000 miles, and we’ve spent way too much money fixing it already and we were about due for another big payout. So we traded it in and got a new Toyota FJ. It’s a nice replacement for the old van we no longer have, with the added benefit of being able to drive over things. We picked it up Saturday morning and needed to break it in, so we drove straight to the NCAA lacrosse finals in Philly just in time to watch UVA hand Syracuse a serious beatdown, then swung by to show the parents the new car, and went on to our next game which was Philly’s “pro” lacrosse team the Barrage. Since there’s not a lot of money in professional lacrosse, the level of play is nowhere near what you get at an NCAA game but they’re still fun games to go to and we got season tickets this year. You can tell by the attendance at the season opener that they have a long way to go.

I spent the next day surfing and realizing how out of shape I am. In between being in the water, I smeared some sunblock on my wet self which worked in some spots but not others, so my stomach is a little zebra-striped right now. We hung out with Denny and Kim’s new dog who is in training to kill anything with wings. The beach was so good we blew off going back to Philly for the Division II finals, but headed right back on Monday morning to watch UVA finish their season 17-0 by completely thrashing U-Mass in the finals, after we got in some tailgating in the FJ. Now I am back to work and this is all behind me and waiting for this weekend which will involve a demolition derby…



Nick sent me a batch of photos he took of the flooding up in York right
now. This shit is unbelievable, not something you’d ever imagine on the New England coast. We were just up there 2 weeks ago to open the season with some kickass waves the whole time we were there.