Somehow in the last post, I forgot to mention Faz’s new name – Lightning. This naturally came out and was assigned after we realized we’re always waiting for him.

Anyway, after binging on Sushi, we took Faz to a new 9/11 memorial in Bucks County and then into NYC for some shopping. It turned into an all day event. The memorial is on a pretty amazing piece of land with all of the names listed, calling out people from PA. There are twin fountains in the center, and the landscaping was shaped like ripples coming out from it.

We learned about Faz’s massive tongue, something we didn’t know existed.

After the last trip, Faz is now hooked on the Niagra, the best bar in NYC. We put back some large doubles before heading up to Rain for dinner.

From NYC we went back to the beach and up to Atlantic City for dinner. The Continental built out an amazing space, both inside and out.



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