Last weekend was our long-anitcipated first paintball tournament. We even got serious enough to have team planning meetings and practices beforehand, and went expecting an ass-kicking which is what we received though much of it was self-delivered. Anything that could have gone wrong with equipment in the morning did, to the point that I had to change out everything possible on my gun, and Tara had to use our backup gun after we just dropped money on upgrading hers just for the tournament. Combine that with sandbagging teams that were just there to win free stuff in the rookie division and it made for a horrible day going 0-8 (but at least we weren’t in last place.) It actually got really fun towards the end once we got our shit together, but it was too late. It can only get better next time, and everyone’s antsy to get it going…

Denny, working it left handed

Ramon / Me



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