• Breakfast at Grateful Bread, with some re-enactment of some of the greatest arguments ever.
  • The waves were flat, so we decided to hike up the cliff where we went 2 years ago in the dark.
  • Saw some idiots who don’t know how to drive in sand bury their cars. One guy thought his PT Cruiser would have no problem powering through deep sand. Then again, people in Portland can’t even drive in the rain and it rains all year there.
  • Headed back to Portland to be back in time for dinner. We stopped by Evert & Jenna’s to see the aftermath of the wedding, and things were looking pretty good.
  • With perfect timing, a skate deck that we ordered with a copy of Jenna & Evert’s invitation printed on it showed up just in time.
  • We met up with a bunch of people at Old Time Pizza, which is another kickass Portland restaurant. The few people that aren’t riding fixed gear bikes around Portland are riding vintage motorcyles. That is except for Ehren, who showed up on his semi-new Harley. It was backed up against some much and outdoor tables, and when the vintage bikes sounded like moped he hit the throttle on his and sprayed mulch all over the people eating on the sidewalk, which was funny as shit since he had no idea. They weren’t happy at all.
  • There was talk of going to see naked fire jugglers, and the guys on motorcycles headed out. Faz and I weren’t far behind, and we met up with them at Lucky Devil. There was plenty of naked but no fire juggling, and that was a let down.
  • Faz and I went back to Jenna and Evert’s to pick up Tara. They were watching the mountain of photos we took while Faz posed for a hundred pictures with the dog.



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