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This is the beginning of the recap of 11 days in Asia. We kicked off our trip with a painful 3am wake up to leave for the airport, jumping on a tiny plane in Philly for a 26 minute flight to DC. Since we had a long layover in DC, we got some great chair massages to loosen up for the flight. From there it was straight to Beijing for the next layover. The airport was really nice, but felt like a hundred degrees and really humid.

We were supposed to be in Economy Plus for the long flight, but when we sat down there were three odd rows behind business class that weren’t, and the seats were way too tight for a midget. Tara sprinted back off the plane and got things fixed and got us some new seats, otherwise the 12 hour flight would have been a nightmare.

We flew Asiana Airlines from China to Korea and it’s a huge difference in how nice the travel experience is there’s great service, nice planes, and everything else associated with flying was far from the U.S. experience. The flight attendants are the best, with 60’s style uniforms that look really good.

Everything else went smooth and we hooked up with Wendy and Ramon at the Incheon airport in Korea, jumped on a bus and ended up at Wendy’s parents’ house in Suwon.

Wendy’s mom made piles of food for a late night dinner, and as we expected, her dad looked at us and just said “Whiskey?” After the rehearsal dinner in Philly, we knew we were in trouble with his love of scotch. With bloodshot eyes we could barely keep open we put a few back and went to bed.



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