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Portland 2009 :: Avery

We got to hang out with Avery on his first day home from the hospital. What an awesome baby.





Portland 2009 :: Day 4





Portland 2009 :: Day 3





Portland 2009 :: Day 2





Portland 2009 :: Day 1





Anise & Meg

Anise & Meg finally made their way to Philly, which is where they should move to.





The Beach

We spent the weekend at Denny & Kim’s awesome new house at the beach and hung out with the kids. Good times.





Dash for Donors






Nick LaVecchia killing it all year round with some winter surf shots on Surfer’s site.




VT Day 2

Day 2: More good snow and trees, Fresh Market, Anise & Meg’s, Godzirras and spicy scallop rolls at Sakura, Wii snowboarding.