It was another great weekend. We headed down to Maryland (where I don’t know because I never looked at the map) Friday night for the Arcadia Derby where the thongs are big and the competition is intense. There was some last minute prep to Indeed Dave’s car on Saturday morning and we went straight to the event from there. We had a fireball of a Ford Festiva ready to impose its will on a range of Blazers, Neons, and more. Since nobody wanted to drive sight unseen, Bird volunteered to drive the No. 35 Fastiva and made out. We kicked ass for a first showing, but the next round is going to need better graphics and better messaging. The event was basically a free for all race that started on a straight downhill into a tight square track, where some people had trouble navigating the turns. We did well, but not well enough to advance, although the car didn’t have much left
in it after the first run. After the races came the demolition derby, which also took its toll



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